MEDo – My Thesis

Finally after finishing my thesis a long time ago we had our graduation celebration, and it was great seeing all my friends again. Can not believe it has been already more then six month since I finished university!

I take this as a reason to present my diploma thesis here as well:

Mobile Task Management for Medical Ward Rounds


Abstract. In hospitals, ward rounds are crucial for decision-making in the context of patient treatment processes. In the course of a ward round, new tasks are defined and allocated to physicians and nurses. In clinical practice, however, these tasks are not systematically managed. During ward rounds, they are jotted down using pen and paper, and their later processing is prone to errors. Furthermore, medical staff must keep track of the processing status of its tasks (e.g., medical orders). To relieve staff members from such a manual task management, the MEDo approach supports ward rounds by transforming the pen and paper worksheet to a mobile user interface on a tablet integrating process support, mobile task management, and access to the electronic patient record. Interviews we conducted have confirmed that medical staff craves for mobile task and process support on wards. Furthermore, in several user experiments, we have proven that MEDo puts task acquisition on a level comparable to that of pen and paper. Overall, with MEDo, physicians can create, monitor and share tasks using a mobile and user-friendly platform.

The thesis can be downloaded from the DBIS EPub website, as well as the associated paper which was written and presented by my advisor Rüdiger Pryss at the Workshop on Adaptive Case Management (ACM ‘12).

[Screencast] MEDo - Usage of Mobile Technologies and BPM to Optimize Task Management in the Context of Ward Rounds from DBIS, Ulm University on Vimeo.

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